Tuesday, 23 August 2016

Paper crafters – Leigh

My favourite aunty, Bernadette asked me if I would like to go to a craft fair next weekend, so. Next weekend, 27th and 28th August the craft fair Paper Crafters – Leigh is on and I will be going. This craft fair and many others are on Sincerely Yours, a site that is devoted to giving you information on local craft shows.

Craft fairs are a great place for inspiration, not only do you get to see and buy the latest products that are on offer but you also get to talk with like minded people and people in the business. The craft fairs also have talks showing you tips and tricks and sometimes they have workshops so that you can get hands on practice.

The crowds at a craft show can be a bit overwhelming, no matter how good the venue so taking it easy and having lots of refreshment breaks are a must. Sorry for the short notice but I am letting you know as soon as I found out. If you can not make Paper Crafters – Leigh this year, do not worry as it will be back next year and if you keep an eye on Sincerely yours, you may find another craft fair near you. 

Wednesday, 3 August 2016

Looking for inspiration

This time on my search for inspiration I have found for you a few sites and a book. The first is Designer Digitals it offers lots of tips and has a forum where you can ask questions and find help from other members. It also sells kits and supplies. The next one is Scrapbook Wonderland and as the name suggests the site is mainly about scrap booking but also covers things like greeting card making and sewing. The next two are Hookline and inker, and crafty Scrappy Mamas are both blogs, they have not been updated very often but are still a source of inspiration. The last site is Scrap inspired they have some free stuff and info but they also sell video classes.

Duct Tape Get WellSoon Card

The book that I have come across has the intriguing title of TheBig-Ass Book of Crafts. Below is a brief extract from the book.

The Big-AssBook of Crafts is packed with ideas for sprucing up your living space; concocting fabulous, all-natural body products; designing your own unique stationery; and creating countless other crafts that will convince your friends and loved ones that you're the secret love child of Martha Stewart (only much, much cooler).

Forget crocheted doilies and itchy knit sweaters--TLC's While You Were Out top designer Mark Montano has created stylish and imaginative projects that range from a Warhol-esque Ultrasuede iPod case to photo-adorned boxer shorts to African mask patio chairs to wooden night-light boxes. Divided into sections that include Outdoorsy (ideas to enhance your backyard), Dishing It Out (decorating plates using different techniques), You've Been Framed (innovative picture framing ideas), and Can I Have a Light? (creating and decorating lamps, lanterns, and chandeliers), it's as entertaining to read as it is endlessly inspiring. 

With more than one hundred and fifty inventive and fun projects, The Big-Ass Book of Crafts is the perfect activity book for readers of every mood, budget, and skill level.

I hope that you find the above links useful and please be aware that some of the links in this blog are affiliate links that I may earn from.

This Journey that isLife Card

Tuesday, 19 July 2016

Birthday cards

With September fast approaching, I thought that it was time to show you some of the Birthday cards I have found on the internet. Why September, well more people have their birthday in September than any other month of the year. Weather this is animal instinct to have young when food is most bountiful or because of all the parties over the holidays and New Year, I do not know anyway lets look at some cards.

Birthday Card With Flowers
Birthday Card With Flowers by moonlake
View more Birthday Cards at zazzle.com

Sunday, 10 July 2016

Artist’s spotlight

This months the artist’s spotlight falls upon Batkei, an artist from Japan. Their unique style is very appealing but do not take my word for it, have a look for your self.

Batkei Art

Hello, cat lovers!

Yes, I am cat lover too. I draw the black cat as always. 
This black cat has name. Whim. His name is Whim. He is main character. Sometimes he would be a little kitty, sometimes he would be a adult cat. Cute, activity, naughty, and wild. As an ordinary house cat, as the human child. Rascal, play with the ball or his friend. Ride a bicycle and car, travel, be a ninja, etc etc...
Anyway, he is cute as your cat!!  

Japanese girl and kitty card


I love you card

Happy Birthday! Card

Halloween Card

Halloween Card
Halloween Card by BATKEI
Shop for a greeting card on zazzle.com

Thursday, 7 July 2016

Coloring books for inspiration

Sometimes it is a mystery where you get inspiration from but trying to force it hardly ever works. However, taking a break from making greeting cards and relaxing can be a great boost to your creative energy. Doing something else creative can be a big help and for me that is sometimes completing a coloring book like the one below.

Why not give it a go, not only will the down time give your greeting card making batteries a chance to recharge, you may also gain inspiration from the images or even the color selection that you use in the book.

Secret Garden: An InkyTreasure Hunt and Coloring Book

Good news for all SECRET GARDEN fans! All editions of SECRET GARDEN now feature thicker and heavier paper stock, fighting bleed-through from ink pens.

Experience the phenomenon that has sold 2 million copies worldwide and launched the coloring craze for adults.

This beautiful and interactive coloring book features delicate and highly detailed pen-and-ink illustrations—all waiting to be brought to life with color. As added entertainment, tiny garden creatures are hidden on the pages, waiting to be found, and a key and index are included in the back. The book's cover and jacket are also colorable.

Appealing to all ages, SECRET GARDEN is the original and first book by Johanna Basford.

Sunday, 6 December 2015

Christmas Greeting Cards

The holiday season is fast approaching and if you have not started to get your Christmas greeting cards in yet then it is time to start looking for this years greeting cards. As well as the ever-popular Christmas greeting cards that seam to be sent out year after year and never seam to get old or outdated, there is also a host of new and reworked greeting cards to give a fresh and unseen look to the Christmas greeting card. As ever the selection that you can get on the internet at sites like Greeting Card Universe, Zazzle and Etsy far outweigh any high street store or supper market for variety and uniqueness. Below are some of the Christmas Greeting Cards that have taken my fancy this year.

Buying unique or hand made greeting cards for all your family and friends can become quite expensive. One of the most cost effective ways id to make your own greeting cards, you can down load a kit or template from Crafts U Print and reprint it out as many times as you need, ideal for Christmas greeting card varying each one to make them unique. If you do not fancy making greeting cards from scratch then you could buy a box of greeting cards from your local store and use the downloadable toppers and adornments from Crafts U Print to make them uniquely yours.

Thursday, 6 August 2015

Learning how to

Sometimes I see a wonderful greeting card and think that I would like to use an element of that greeting card into my own greeting card designs. Some elements can be easily worked out on how to make them while others are a little trickier and only become obvious when the technique has been shown to you. For me, I like to see another person perform the technique and then correct me when I try it out. I usually get this when I attend craft shows, as there are no craft courses on offer local to me.

Although one to one training is great but unless you get it by the end of the class you could need something to refer back to, this is where books come into the mix. Some people can learn new techniques straight from a book and a little practice on their own, for others books can be a great asset for keeping skills up. With this in mind, here are four books that you might find useful and inspirational.

Crafting Calm: Projects and Practices for Creativity and Contemplation
By Maggie Oman Shannon

In this wired, wild world, it is harder than ever to shut out noise and busyness in order to truly calm yourself, but in Crafting Calm, a D.I.Y. guide to peace of mind, you'll find inspiring ideas for how to do exactly that through a wide range of creative exercises. In this book, author Maggie Oman Shannon explores crafts and creativity as a practice with enormous physical, mental, and spiritual benefits. By immersing ourselves in a craft with intention and mindfulness, we can quiet those voices around us and in us—we can enter sacred stillness. Through revealing interviews, personal stories, and forty suggested activities, the author shows how creative processes can become spiritual practices. Whether you're an aspiring artist, longtime craftsperson, or someone who has never set foot in a craft-store (yet!), you'll find something inCrafting Calm to inspire you.

Crafts and how-to ideas include contemplation candles, visual journals, prayer shawls, collage mandalas, intention beads, finger labyrinths, personal prayer flags, spiritual toolkits, and tabletop altars.
Features inspired craft ideas from luminaries such as Angeles Arrien, Mary Ann Radmcher, Shiloh Sophia McCloud, Sister Marianne Heib, May Ann Brussat, and many more.

The Encyclopedia of Greeting Card Tools & Techniques
by Susan Pickering Rothamel

This classic resource by Susan Pickering Rothamel belongs on every crafter's bookshelf. Featuring hundreds of handmade cards from leading artists, plus step-by-step photographs of key skills, The Encyclopedia of Greeting Card Tools & Techniques contains a treasure trove of information and projects. Sidebars on today's most creative card makers showcase their areas of expertise, from Dee Gruenig's rubber-stamp designs to Alli Bartkowski's quilling. This crafty celebration is sure to inspire.

How to Make Greeting Cards: step-by-step tips and techniques for card making
By Catherine Pooler

Making cards is an amazing creative outlet. It's also a great way to make someone's day! 
How to Make Greeting Cards will show you exactly how to make cards with easy, step-by-step tutorials starting with the basics with how to cut card stock, choosing supplies, then moving on to making simple cards. 
After the basics, we'll take it to the next level by showing you how to incorporate a few fun techniques with glitter, punches and sponges. 
You will also learn how to save time and money by making several cards at once. Great for gift sets and holiday cards! 
How to Make Greeting Cards will get you started with this great hobby and inspire you to take it even further! 

29 pages long. 
Photo and written tutorials. 
Video links are included! 
If you are having trouble viewing this e-book on your Kindle, there is a link to download the beautiful, full color PDF format. Questions? Please e-mail the author.

Starting Your Own Line of Greeting Cards
by Stephanie Laird

This kindle book will walk you through what I have done to create my own line of greeting cards and where I sell them. This is definitely a short and sweet book hence the 1.99 price tag. I could fill it with a lot of filler info and repeat information that is already available to you. I choose not to do that as I believe all our time is valuable. I did include what works for me and hope that you find some inspiration for what will work for you! Thank you for your interest!

I hope that you find some of these books useful, let me know if you have or if you have found any other books useful.