Sunday, 12 October 2014

Artist Spotlight

Patchwork Owl Birthday Card
Patchwork Owl Birthday Card by PhotographyByPixie
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Over my last couple post I have talked about and given you links to some great sites on the internet where you could find inspiration for your own card making and scrap booking projects but looking back this might not have been as useful as it could have been for some of you. Because so many of the sites are quite large and all are stuffed full of great images, tips and free stuff I might have overwhelmed some of you, I am sorry.

Instead of giving you post that try to cover every great website that I find on the internet, I am going to be narrowing the focus a little my posts on just one artist or holiday or occasion at a time. Let me know what you thing or which you prefer by leaving a comment.

My first artist in the spotlight is Pixie.

Pixie is a very talented artist as can be seen by the images in this post, which are just a tiny selection of her huge range of colourful photography and psychedelic fractal art that she creates. Fractal art is not my thing but I am always drawn in to look every time she publishes one of her psychedelic images, I always come away inspired by the way Pixie has used patterns and colours.

Pixie started her Cambridge based business in 2007 called Pix and Mix, they specialise in website design, graphics, photography, video making and editing as well as business management and education consultancy. They can be found a I know that my words are not good enough to give Pixie the credit she deserves so why not have a look at her art by following the links below.