Sunday, 6 December 2015

Christmas Greeting Cards

The holiday season is fast approaching and if you have not started to get your Christmas greeting cards in yet then it is time to start looking for this years greeting cards. As well as the ever-popular Christmas greeting cards that seam to be sent out year after year and never seam to get old or outdated, there is also a host of new and reworked greeting cards to give a fresh and unseen look to the Christmas greeting card. As ever the selection that you can get on the internet at sites like Greeting Card Universe, Zazzle and Etsy far outweigh any high street store or supper market for variety and uniqueness. Below are some of the Christmas Greeting Cards that have taken my fancy this year.

Buying unique or hand made greeting cards for all your family and friends can become quite expensive. One of the most cost effective ways id to make your own greeting cards, you can down load a kit or template from Crafts U Print and reprint it out as many times as you need, ideal for Christmas greeting card varying each one to make them unique. If you do not fancy making greeting cards from scratch then you could buy a box of greeting cards from your local store and use the downloadable toppers and adornments from Crafts U Print to make them uniquely yours.