Tuesday, 15 November 2016

Save money on your greeting cards

Save money on your greeting cards

Looking to save money on buying your greeting cards now is the time to get ready. With Black Friday (25th November) and Cyber Monday (28th November) coming up many stores will be offering gargantuan savings, each store trying to outdo the next, some have already started.

To make the most of these savings you need to have a plan of attack. After all, if it is a site wide sale you can also get the greeting cards you need for the whole year and not just the festive cards. So let’s make a list (I love lists);

  • Who do you need Christmas or New Year cards for?
  • How many Birthday cards will you need next year?
  • What anniversaries are coming up in the next twelve months?
  • Are you planning a wedding, why not get the invitations now?

Have a list for each occasion and then add the name of each person under each occasion (on a separate line), so your husband will appear on Christmas, Birthday and anniversary. Once you have your lists you are ready for the next part.

Find a site that you like or maybe more than one and register as a buyer with them. The reason for registering with them is so that you will get the emails from them telling you what sale they have on and what code to use at the check out. Now that you are registered with the site do not sit back and wait for the email with the sales code to arrive in your inbox, as some of the sales that have the biggest savings are over and done in a short time (flash sales).

Instead you should start to pick the greeting cards that you need. Add the cards to your basket but also make a note of the product number against the name of each of the people on your list just in case your cards disappear from your basket. This way you will be ready when that email arrives with the big discount code.

This may not get you a saving on all your greeting card needs for the year but it will give you a big saving on most of them. To start looking why not try some of the sites below.