Thursday, 28 August 2014

Grandparents Day

8th of September is grandparents day, a day to remind us to let us show our grandparents how much we appreciate them for all that they have done for us. It is hard to put into words all what grandparents do for us and it is different for each of us even between siblings.

Their houses are adventure playgrounds filled with the coolest stuff; they seam to have a never ending supply of chocolate and candy. When you are hungry they make food that is way more tasty than what you get at home and of course there is always desert.

Grandparents know the best stories and games and will let you play all day long. They do not have silly rules like bed time, you go to bed when you are ready to sleep and if you can stay awake you can stay up. The few rules that they do have are actually fun to follow.

It is almost like grandparents are kids in grown up bodies, they are kids with power. When mum and dad say NO, grandparents will usually say YES or they will give you something better. Grandparents are the best friends you can have.

So keep them on your side and let them know that you love them on Grandparents day after all they are the only people you know that can tell mum and dad that it is their bed time.

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