Sunday, 14 July 2013

Birthday Greeting Cards

Birthday cards are the one type of greeting card that everyone gets every year. As wonderful as it is to receive a Birthday card from a loved one or a friend, a little bit of the magic can be lost if your receive the same Birthday card from two different people, worse still if you receive the same Birthday card from the same person two or more years in a row.

Receiving the same Birthday card from two people can seam like a small chance when you go into one of the big greeting card stores and are faced with thousands of greeting card. The biggest section of Birthday cards will be the General Birthday card that may then be split into pretty, funny, sexy, photo and graphic cards. However if you are looking for something more specific the selection quickly drops off., you may be able to find 18th 21st 30th and 50th Birthday cards but how about 62nd 88th and 109th Birthday cards and you will find Mother, Grand Farther, Sister and Aunt but not Step-Mother or Sister-in-Law and so on.

Luckily, there are a number of sites on the internet that have thousands of artists from around the world with hundreds of thousands unique cards already on display waiting for you with more being added every day. Many of the sites let you customize the already unique cards or let you design your own cards. At you can ask an artist whose style you like to modify one of their cards or have a request go out to the community of artists to design something you have in mind, all at no extra cost.

Here are some of the websites where you can find Birthday Cards in no particular order, many of them offer other products like wall art, T-shirts and bags as well as greeting cards. Each of the sites has a different style and method of navigation; I leave up to you as to which are the best.





Want a more personal and unique Birthday card then why not make your own. If you have not made a greeting card before it is not a problem, just head over to or where you can get tutorials and tips on how to make greeting cards. You can also buy all kinds of embellishments to decorate your greeting cards and even card kits that you can down load and print off over and over again (for personal use) saving you money for years to come.

Looking for inspiration, then follow me.

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