Thursday, 1 September 2016

Paper crafters – Leigh

Last Sunday my aunty Bernadette and I went along to Paper crafters show in Leigh. We had a great day, coming away with our bags full of goodies and are heads filled with new ideas.

Being a local show, Paper crafters in Leigh was not a big as the national shows but this only made the experience better, as the crowds were not as big and you could look at a stall without felling like you were in a ruby scrum, (some of these Ladies go shopping with their elbows! You know who you are).

Paper crafters in Leigh may have been smaller than shows that I have been too in the past but so was the prices, £1.50 advance payment with free tea or coffee or £2.00 on the door and you had to pay for your tea and coffee at £0.50. The great value did not stop there but also on the stalls, every stall priced their items to make you feel like it was too much of a bargain to pass up.

A service that was offered by many of the stalls selling heavy or bulky items was that you could pay for your goods and then pick them up later. The choice normally is to go later in the day before you go home and hope that the stall still has the selection you want or what usually happens to me is that we buy as we see it and I end up carrying around 100lb of Bernadette’s card and paper all day (this is the real reason she invites me). This not only helps my arms but everyone else is also not carrying heavy and bulky items so they are more relaxed and the show is less filled with bags  to get round.

Overall the show was very well organised, very friendly and well worth the visit. I will be going again next year, hope to see you there.

P.S. I still had the carry that 100lb of card and paper from the show to the car!

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